We provide our packages for accommodation & transportation in ALL Locations Except Guadalajara.

We help in Matamoros, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana,  Hermosillo, Monterrey, Mexico City so far …

NOTE : If you are full time employee & you can reimbursement of visa fee payment charges + accommodation & transportation charges – After visa fee payment – please ask us about invoice.

What are the Total Expenses that i can expect if i attend visa interview in Mexico ? 

As of Jan 13th 2020 :  If your visa fee amount is 3610 Pesos per person (H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, L2) , Then
You can use below amounts to transfer (Including our charges to make visa fee payment in Mexico & guidance + Transfer fee+ your US visa Fee payment in pesos).

For E3 visa candidates, As your fee might be little bit more, below amount differs.

1 person   = 260$
2 persons = 505$
3 persons = 741$

Accommodation & transportation packages for each location varies from 299$ to 599$ – depending on the location of visa interview & number of nights stay required

(Above amounts includes your US consulate visa fee payment, our service charges for visa fee payment, guidance)

Our Visa Fee Payment Service Charges as below (Includes our guidance + Information you need )

We provide Visa fee payment help for any location in Mexico, Accommodation & transportation services in Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Nogales, Hermosillo, MexicoOur guests till now including FTE, Consulting( EC, EVC, EVVC) got successful stamping in Matamoros Nuevo Laredo, Nogales, Hermosillo, Tijuana


For Matamoros (((((( We are offering Lower prices right now (or) we will match the price with any other agent prices ))))))) Our complete package starts at 340$(At Guest House) includes your Accommodation at our Guest House & Transportation in Matamoros, Mexico.
  • Everyone MUST arrive before 9 PM CST to Brownsville, Texas(Day before fingerprints).
  • If you arrive later than that 9 PM CST, it’s our discretion and based on our availability whether we can provide services for pickup later than 9 PM CST or not. Even though you plan to arrive later than 9 PM, around 10 PM or 11 PM CST, please plan to stay in any Brownsville hotel on your own expense, but we still need to charge you full package price (No Exceptions please), so better to arrive a day before fingerprints (ASC appointment)
Our Package Includes Free Breakfast, Pick up from international bridge at Brownsville, Texas, 4 nights stay in matamoros – Guest House or Our preferred Hotel, transportation to fingerprints appointment, Visa Interview, Trips to Lunch, Dinner, Local shopping in Matamoros, Passport Pickup, Drop off at the International bridge at I-94 office at US border ) Note : Sometimes , We might not be available (If we take vacation, we will inform all folks ahead of that). But if you still need our services during that time, for attending your visa interview in matamoros Mexico (Due to your time critical / your on critical timeline – , we can try to help based on the availability of our helpers / resources. but we might not be able to provide complete services of taking you to restaurants for lunch & dinner, but we will be providing enough info / accommodation near, in such a way, you can manage your lunch & dinner on your own) – Usually we simply ask folks to come(postpone visa dates) for later date to attend visa interview in matamoros, but if you must attend (then we can think of some solution as informed above)

Please scroll down for the pictures of our Guest House & Our preferred hotel in Matamoros.

Why choose us ?
  • NOTE : We provide Accommodation in Guest house either for single guys(ONLY) or either for Single Ladies (ONLY) from Feb 1st 2019. (We will decide that as per the requests and the number of guests attending visa interview for that week)
  • We provide the same facilities as any hotel can provide, Let us say if you need to stay for extra 2-3 days with a hotel, you need to pay whatever the cost it is (79$+ tax per day), They don’t consider your situation, but we will as we care about our customers, we will charge affordable price & we care about our future good relationship with customers.
  • Based on the dates that you are arriving Matamoros, we will accommodate you in our guest house (equal to any good hotel in matamoros) or Hotel (Our Preferred Hotel in matamoros) depending on the number of guests.
  • We stay in adjacent building to Individual Guest house.
I am planning to come along with my family (kids ranging from months old to teenage son / daughter) ? is it safe ?
  • We had guests with Families with kids ranging from months old babies to teen age)
We had guests with Families with kids ranging from months old to teen age)
  • Choose us & Enjoy your complete stay, the way how you enjoy conversations with a friend, visit awesome restaurants, later cherish time you spent with your friend (us) in Matamoros. Check our reviews for an idea.
  • check our reviews page to see how guests has written their comments about their trip to matamoros.
At the accommodation place(Individual Guest House where we host guests).we provide all the basic items what you get in a hotel room, TV, Wi-Fi, Clean Towels, Iron board & Iron, Refrigerator, Snacks, water bottles, Shower gel, Shampoo as part of our appreciation to our guests.
At the end of the day …. “Helping you to get your stamping in a smooth manner, Customer satisfaction is our goal”. We offer better services than any other agents. Check our reviews below to know about us. Click here to see our Reviews Click here to see US Visa Application Fee Payment Process in Mexico Click to see the most common asked visa interview questions Our charges are as follows; You must pay the charges for accommodation and transportation Upon arrival in Cash.Since April 2018, Visa interview dates are only on Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Thursdays (It’s ONLY 1 day per week for attending visa interview) at Matamoros (varies as per holidays )If Visa interview is Tuesday. Then You arrive a day before fingerprints appointment (Sunday before 9 PM CST to International bridge, Brownsville, Texas). We will pick up from there, take you to accommodation place.
Please keep your arrival time before 9 PM CST a day before ASC (fingerprints)
If your US Visa interview/ Stamping is Tuesday at Matamoros, Mexico1st day (Monday) – ASC (fingerprints)2nd day (Tuesday) – Consular Interview(visa)4th day (Thursday)- You will get email from DHL for passport pickup at 3 PM and leave to US from Matamoros, Mexico.

*******CHARGES AS BELOW*********************

*******CHARGES AS BELOW*********************

*******CHARGES AS BELOW*********************

Note : Our Primary goal is providing the Best Customer service.
Charges : To Pay visa fee in-person at Mexico banks + Complete guidance until you finish your visa stamping in Matamoros Mexico (If you are planning to go for other locations, we can provide exclusive access to that location specific (Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana, Mexico City) whatsapp groups as part of our help). Below are the charges.
  • For 1 person – 50$
  • For 2 persons – 90$
  • For 3 persons or more – 120$
The reason for these service charges are we need to send money to mexico & buy pesos in mexico as per current dollar to pesos rate, go to Mexican banks, make your us visa application fee payment in Scotia or Banamex Banks in Mexico. (Kindly please do not compare online exchange rates as those services like xoom or moneygram don’t support business, they only support famly & friends. Based on the volume of fee payments, we must buy pesos from dollars to pesos in-person in mexico, we get different rate than online)
  • Incase of any cancellations :
  • If we have not paid your US Visa application fee payment in mexico / mexican banks – we will be charging you cancellation fee of 25$ & we can refund the balance amount.
  • Once US Visa fee payment is made in Mexican Banks – it is non-refundable by the US consulate as well our charges mentioned above are not refundable.


If Traveling to Matamoros or Nogales or Tijuana as part of our packageNote : If you are full time Employee, please ask us for Invoice after your stay (For fee payment charge + full package price) , it can help for your reimbursement from your employer. Whoever submitted invoice through us were able to get reimbursed without any issues until now.


If someone needs to stay extended days more than a week, if staying on hotel, we will move you from hotel to guest house to lower down your expenses, we will charge you very minimal price(considering your situation) compared with any other agents, Don’t worry much about it. We are here to help you

Please scroll down for the pictures of our Guest House & Our preferred hotel in Matamoros.

Below are Pictures

Below Pictures of the our Preferred Hotel where we provide your Accommodation.
H1B-E3-L1-L1B-J1-Visa Renewal stamping in Tijuana-Matamoros-Nogales-Mexico-City-MexicoH1B-E3-L1-L1B-J1-Visa Renewal stamping in Tijuana-Matamoros-Nogales-Mexico-City-Mexico-visa-fee-payment-in-tijuana-nogales-mexicoH1B-H4-E3-L1-L1B-J1-F1-F2-US-Visa Renewal stamping in Tijuana-Matamoros-Nogales-Mexico-City--Monterrey-Mexico-US-Visa-CSRA-MRV-Fee-Payment-Tijuana-Mexico