Sevis & I-94 Renewal

Sevis Activation at Mexico Border (or) I-94 Extension Update Renewal at Mexico Canada Border after getting New passport – Port of Entry Locations – – Brownsville Texas – Laredo Texas – Rainbow Bridge Canada
You might have got I-797B which does not have I-94 attached – where you need to get new I-94 at Mexico Canada Border after – Port of Entry Locations – Brownsville Texas – Laredo Texas – Rainbow Bridge Canada
This page has information related to going out of country and coming back by  crossing border at US – Mexico (or) US- Canada locations as process will be same at almost all POE(port of entry) locations by land.

This can be useful for F1 students about sevis activation at border (or) any visa holders for getting new I-94 / renewal of I-94 after getting new passport (or) you need to get I-94 only as you got I-797B through consular processing.

How to activate Sevis by Crossing Border at  Matamoros Mexico or any border locations.(It’s same process to get I-94 after getting new passport too – Border crossing and coming back)

Depending on your location, you can go to any any US-Border POE(Port of Entry) locations of Mexico (or) Canada POE Locations.

We guided one guy with this process and he took sometime to write down the process


January 8th 2019

Hello, I’m graduate student from TAMUC, for some reason my records had been completed which led to sevis deactivation.

After few month I took admission in a new college and they advised me to make my travel re-arrangements outside of the country in order to activate my sevis.

Instead of India trip, i just been to US Mexico Border location.

I carried all my documents I.e my previous i20 , new i20, passport,visa,  i94, and financial documents.

We reached the border of United States in Brownsville TX,

Parked car at duty Free parking at Brownsville, Texas(google UETA duty free parking for address) which is border city of Matamoros, Mexico.

You find alot of folks who go through international bridge by walk to Matamoros Mexico on daily basis.

Just follow them, you just need to input 4 quarters into Turn style(shown in below pictures) to Enter to start walking on the bridge towards Mexico side.

It’s just 4-5 mins walk.

Just go through that International bridge, You will come across Mexican security team, where your luggage will be scanned.

and you can cross road to other side & turn back and walk through other bridge /lane where you can find folks entering into USA.

you just have to go through a small inspection in order to re enter the country.

Just beside the border(before entering into US,) there is i94 office where the sevis and i94 is updated. I gave my passport to the officer and when my turn came they just asked my i-20. They asked me why I’m taking my second masters. I gave them the reason that I did not get a degree from my first masters so I applied for a second one.

Then they asked which university I was going to and that’s it they activated my sevis and told me that I’m good to go. The whole process just took 5 mins at I-94 office to activate my Sevis.
How to travel to Matamoros(Mexico) – Brownsville(Texas) Border ?

You can fly to Brownsville airport (BRO), Take Uber to international bridge, Inform your Uber drive that you need to go to International bridge, takes 15-20 mins to reach the bridge.  Get down at the bridge and you can find people standing in line to take some quarters to input in Turn Style for you to enter the international bridge.

Is it possible to finish everything in same day ?


Once you arrive to the bridge, your cross it and come back to I-94 office (This process takes 10-15 mins). time it takes to activate sevis or giving your I-94 (for H1B folks etc.,) might depends on POE officers (varies from 5 mins to an hour if they ask you to sit and wait)