L1A-L1B-L2 Working Visa Extension or Renewal Interview Stamping Latest Recent Experiences Approvals in Mexico – Matamoros – Nogales – Neuvo Laredo – Mexico City – Monterrey – Tijuana – Cuidad Juarez – Guadalajara – Hermosillo

To pay fraud protection fee only for L1A or L1B visa folks(When you attend visa interview at US Consulate in Mexico)

You can pay with your corporate Amex card (or) visa debit (or) credit card (or) cash

Don’t forget to take your card while going for Visa Interview.

Make sure to talk to your cards customer care to allow foriegn transactions or setup travel notifications to avoid any card deline when used in Mexico for this fraud protection fee payment at consulate.

Oct 17th 2019 : Our guests Visa Renewal Stamping interview questions  at Hermosillo, Mexico for L1B Visa Interview 


Oct 17th : L1B visa interview questions at Hermosillo

I am a full-time employee and applied for L1-B. The questions were

VO: Why are you attending the interview from Mexico when your home country as well as the last appeared consulate is in India
Me: I am currently working in USA and i have no recent travel plans to India. Hence, my employer recommended me to attend the interview from Mexico
VO: Alright

VO: What is your current visa?
Me: L1-B
VO: (Verified in the system and replied nothing)

VO: What is your specialization
Me: Explained
VO: How many clients you worked with in the past
Me: i told the number
VO: To how many clients, you have used your specialized skills in their project implementation
Me: I told the number
VO: What is your salary
Me: answered
VO: Who is the current you are going to work with?
Me: answered
VO: What is your designation
Me: answered
VO: Typed for few mins
— Now to my spouse
VO: What is your highest education qualification?
My Spouse: Answered
VO: were you involved in ethical hacking?
My Spouse: No
VO: How long have you been married?
My Spouse: Answered
VO: How many kids you have?
My Spouse: Answered

VO: Your Visa is approved and you can collect the passport by 3 PM tomorrow.

Oct 8th 2019 : Our guests Visa Renewal Stamping interview questions  at Hermosillo, Mexico for L1A, L2 Visa Interview folks


Oct 8th visa interview questions

L1A & L2 : Family attended for their visa renewal stamping in Hermosillo, Mexico.

On entry to the US Consulate:
1. DS-160
2. Appointment confirmation letter
3. Fee payment receipt
4. I-129 Petition
5. Passports (self and spouse)

Next: L1 visa fraud detection and prevention fee payment of $500.
Collect fee payment receipt and head for the interview.

Documents requested during L1 visa interview:
1. Passports (self and spouse)
2. Fraud detection and prevention fee payment receipt

Three sets of the following documents:
3. I-129 Petition
4. Form G-28
5. Form I-129S
6. Employer support letter
7. Resume
8. Educational qualification documents
9. Marriage certificate (please also carry original for verification)

Questions asked:
1. What is your designation in the organization?
2. Who do you report to?
3. How many reportees (direct and indirect)
4. Qualification of reportees?
5. Annual salary

They also asked me a couple of questions on the purpose of my visit to some of the countries for which I have/had visas e.g. UAE
My Answer : “Extended transit”. Had a 4 day vacation in Dubai enroute from India to the US.

Also, don’t forget to collect atleast one copy of the stamped Form I-129S. Please ensure the officer has entered the correct visa validity dates. You will need this document to enter US.

Oct 4th 2019 : Our guest Visa Renewal Stamping interview questions  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for L1B Visa Interview


L1B Visa Renewal Stamping Interview questionsVisa Approved. Asked to pick passport on 2.15 pm today(Friday).Questions. How long have you been working in the company? What location do you work? Share some details about your work? What is your annual pay?

Sep 5th 2019 : Our guest Visa Renewal Stamping interview questions  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for L1B Visa Interview


I came for my L1 renewal and it got approved. How long you been to company? How long in US? How much your annual salary?? Your job description? I did n’t carry my credit card with me as I am supposed to pay my fraud prevention fee \ but they allowed me to come out to hotel, get credit card and then I paid and he told its approvedThank you all Venkat’s team for making this successful

This page has information related to L1A, L1B & L2 visa renewal Stamping Interview information in Matamoros Mexico.

We have added all previous candidates visa interview questions and suggestions. Click below link to contact us regarding “Visa Services in Mexico” for your US – L1A – L1B – L2 Visa Renewal / Stamping / Interview ( H1B / H4 / E3/ L1A / L1B / L2 / F1/ F2 / After getting I-797B through Consular processing etc., ), We help with complete guidance regarding DS-160, Visa fee payment in Mexican Banks, list of available visa dates, accommodation & transportation services in Mexico.We help with visa fee payment for any location in Mexico.https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/us-h1b-h4-e3-l1-j-o-mrv-csra-visa-fee-payment-process-in-mexico/




Jan 29 th 2019 : At Matamoros, Mexico L1A Visa Renewal Extension Stamping Interview in Matamoros Mexico

Hi Ernesto & Venkat,My L1A Interview Questions on 01/29/2019.1. Who’s your employer 2. How long you are working 3. How much you are making 4. What’s your roles and responsibilities 5. Who’s your reporting manager and what’s his responsibility, how it’s difference from your work. 6. To whom your reporting manager reports to? 7. Asked my kids original DOB and my marriage certificate 8. What’s your qualifications and where do you complete 9. Where do you live.


Apr 2nd 2019 : At Matamoros, Mexico L1B Visa Renewal Extension Stamping Interview in Matamoros Mexico

Travelled from Atlanta, GA; Full Time; Last stamping in 2016, Chennai; Got stamping until Mat 15th 2019 Hello, my visa (L1 B ) got approved today, Interview was smooth, i was at booth 2 for around 10 minutes.Officer asked me to give 3 copies of I-129’s. Visa fraudulent fee of 500$ payment took sometime due to their payment system issues.1. Whom do you work for ?  2. How long are you working for them ? 3. Your designation ? 4. Salary ? 5. What do you do for them ? 6. Where do you stay in USA ? 7. Educational qualification ? 8. What’s your specialized skill ? 


Sep 24, 25th 2018 : At Matamoros, Mexico L1A Visa Renewal Extension Stamping Interview in Matamoros Mexico

Travelled from Plano, TX; Full Time; Last stamping in 2014, Chennai; Got stamping until 2019 Hello, my visa (L1 A individual) got approved today, following are the questions asked by VO: 1. Full name 2. Type of visa 3. Tenure with the current employer 4. Designation 5. Since how long staying in the US In fact this was the first time, VO was handling L1 individual case, so he took assistance from his senior. 6. Employee verification letter Thanks so much Ernesto and Venkat for your services much appreciated!!!



L1A manager visa: Sep 11th 2018 L1A Visa Renewal Extension Stamping Interview in Matamoros Mexico

————————— Please give the passport, fraud detection fee receipt, I129S and I797 to the officer.

Questions asked: ————————-

Q1) who is your employer?

Q2) What is the visa category you applied for?

Q2.1) What was the reason for your previous L1B rejection on Dec 2016

Q3) What is your title?

Q4) How much you make ?

Q5) How long you for this employer?

Q6) How long you have been in US ?

Q7) How many people report to you?

Q8) Do you have hire and fire authority over them?

Q9) Do you have end client?

Q10) What is your client name?

Q11) What is your client’s business?

Officer gave me the yellow slip and declared that “your visa is approved “.

We gathered more info from our guest: Q: Paid fraud detection fee in Mexico ?

A : Yes, I used my American Express corporate card, for $500

FYI- Visa card is also listed in mode of payment at embassy.


L1A Visa Renewal Extension Stamping Interview in Matamoros Mexico : Sep 11th 2018

How long you are working with this firm?

Do you have L1 visa stamp before?

Your designation and job duties? VO was keen on hearing managerial duties. Do people report to you? How many?

Work location and where do you live?

How much you earn?

Education qualifications?


L1B visa interview : Sep 6th 2018 Hello All, I had L1B interview yesterday. Process was very smooth..VO asked 3 questions..1. how long u working with this company. 2. What you do for them. 3. What’s your education qualification? 4. Where do you stay in USA? Do you like that state?