Mexican Visa

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how to get mexican visitor visa - requirements - from USA - mexican embassies in USA

Check this screenshot for What are the requirements / documents required to get Mexican Visitors visa (If you are in United States & planning to visit Mexican Embassies in USA) 

Travel to Mexico By Land : (USA to Mexico)

If you have any valid US or UK or Japan or Canadian or Schengen or Australian visa (or) Visitors Visa of above countries, then you don’t need to take Mexican Visa.
Incase if you don’t have it, then, 
one of the option where you can get tourist card online (FMM or Border Permit) is using below link.
You can take this ahead of time before your travel for all locations of Mexico(other than matamoros) through Land.
(At Matamoros – while you visit us – we can help you to get one at Border itself )
At Nogales & Nuevo Laredo, Ciuidad Juarez – Officers say that you don’t need this form.(As you travel within 20 miles from border)
For all remaining locations – get it Online using below link & take a printout & get it stamped at border (as needed in few locations)

Travel to Mexico directly By Air : (From USA to Mexico)
If you are traveling by Air directly to Mexico – You MUST need one of the above mentioned visa’s to Fly to Mexico from USA.

Mexican embassies are all over in US.

Please use the below website to find Mexican embassy near your location.

Please keep scrolling down this page to check for screenshot of Mexican visa requirements

What Information does this page cover ?

  • Mexican Embassy locations in USA ?
  • Do you need Mexican visa ? (Current US Visa Expired or about to Expire )
  • Mexican Visitor Visa appointment booking website ? & Mexican Visa application form ?
  • What are the documents required for Mexican visa ?
  • What if i am unable to get Mexican Visa ? (Due to lack of Mexican visa appointments or Need to go for US visa interview ASAP) ?

Mexican Embassy locations in USA ?


Do i need get Mexican Visitor Visa (to attend for US Visa interview with expired US Visa for visa renewal )?

“With the purpose of facilitating and promoting travel to Mexico, effective May 2016 all those foreign nationals, regardless of their nationality, visiting Mexico for tourism, business or transit are NOT required to obtain a Mexican visa.
If you hold a valid (non-expired) Visa / Visitor Visa or Permanent Residence of any of this countries: United States of America, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom or Schengen area (European Union) or Australian.”

  • If you have valid any US visa (or) Canada visitor visa (or) Canadian PR (or) Japan (or) Schengen Visa or Australia, Then You don’t need Mexican visa.


  • It’s always better to get Mexican visa before your travel.(To be in better situation if your stay needs to be extended (or need to fly to Big city in mexico and then to India during worst case scenario) – Few typical cases ended up to fly to India from matamoros;
  • Always remember that you are going out of country(US).
  • Getting Mexican visa in Mexican Embassy in United States costs you 36$ and usually they will give for 6 months validity.
  • If you are flying from US to Mexico directly,  you will be asked for Mexican Visa.
  • If you are planning to go from US to Mexico by road – If getting Mexican visa is not possible at any case(Mexican embassy far from your current location),
    Then last option is to get a border permit at border that’s valid for a week for 30$ while you arrive at Matamoros, Mexico, we will help you with that.
  • Below is the process in Matamoros.
  • To get Border Permit : You can show your i-797 & passport & you can pay 30$, Get the border permit(FYI : Its not visa on arrival), get stamp on your passport by Mexican Immigration officer that you left US and Entered into Mexico.
  • At other locations in Mexico – Mexican officers won’t care much about you getting border permit or not if you are traveling by road – They might say you can travel with your I-797 & passport.

Mexican Visitor Visa appointment booking website ? & Mexican Visa application form ?

Print out below Form & fill it before going to Mexican Visa (to Mexican embassy locations in US)
Mexican Visa Appointment booking website:

Out of many locations, we have listed few locations based on info provided by our guests.
Few locations(Below) of Mexican embassy in US require appointments by email, phone.(Mandatory)

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Dallas(TX) : Email :
  • Houston (TX) : Email :
  • Chicago(IL)
  • New York

Few locations (Below) – you can directly walk-in.

  • Austin (TX)
  • Boston (MA)
  • Charlotte(NC),
  • SFO (CA)
  • New York

Please try to call or email to inquire whether they need appointment or not.
If you could not catch hold of someone in phone or did not receive email response, try direct walk-in.
Note : 98% of our guests came with Mexican visa, 2% came with just border permit only
(Recommended to take Mexican Visa to be on safe side always, Helpful during worse case scenarios (Fly to any Big city in Mexico & Fly to India etc.,)
Please use the below website to find Mexican embassy near your location.
Official website for Mexican visa info

What are the documents required for Mexican visa ?

Bank statements of last 3 months with minimum balance of 1500$ (USD)

H1B documents (I-797),

Reasons to mention : In Mexican application form is

You can mention Tourism if you have not booked visa dates, as few consulates might ask you for US visa dates confirmation print out.
You can mention reason as “Attending Visa interview in US consulate” if you have already booked Visa dates (take dates confirmation printout with you )

mexican visitor visa requirements

Mexican Visitor Visa Requirements
Information from our guests.

Applying for Mexican visitor visa requirements @ Austin, Texas
It’s walk in here in Austin. No need of appointment.
documents required : 6 months bank statement , Visa application form(we can get at visa office) ,i797 copy ,passport copy ,a photo , employer letter. They asked 3 days for processing

Applying for Mexican visitor visa @ Boston, MA
You can walk in or make an appointment with Mexico consulate.
Take appointment for you & spouse(if applies)
I 797 approval
Last 6 months bank statements
Last 6 months paystubs
Address proof ( leasing agreement)
Offer letter
Passport copies front and back
Wife’s h4 approval
Two passport photos 2*2= 4(h+w)
$36 cash or card each person
Site to create an account online for appointment

Applying for Mexican visitor visa @ New York, NY

we need to book appointment in Mexican consulate website NY and walk-in on that date with required documents . It was fairly quick – took not more than 10 mins ! And passport has to be collected couple of days later.

Here is the website to book appointment in NY
What if i am unable to get Mexican Visa ? (Due to lack of mexican visa appointments or Need to go for US visa interview ASAP) ?
If getting Mexican visa is not at all possible as Mexican Embassy is far from your current location or you are not able to get appointment for Mexican visa before your US visa interview date in Mexico.

Then as last option is to take the border permit (FMM) valid for a week by paying 30$ at the Border. we will take you to the Mexican immigration office to get that border permit at Matamoros, mexico.

If you are going to other locations of mexico(other than matamoros)  by Road – Better to stop by at border & ask for FMM card (border permit), sometimes mexican immigration officers might say you don’t need that too.

While you keep applying for Mexican visa,

please make sure to check the documents list & prepare your visa documents list for your US Visa Interview.