Travel to Matamoros, Mexico

If you are from Central zone USA or East coast, Matamoros is the nearest location for you.

We had guests from all over USA including west coast etc.,

There are other consulates too, if you want to go, you need to travel by yourself to mexico.

If you want to come down to matamoros, we can help you with everything including accommodation and transportation in mexico until you finish your complete visa process, so you don’t need to worry about anything else except attending visa interview

In Matamoros, Usually it’s 2 days process,

You arrive a day before fingerprints, (Let’s say Sunday)

Better to keep your arrival before 8 or 9 PM CST to Brownsville, Texas.

1st day  @ Monday @ Either 8.30 AM or 9 AM    = ASC = Fingerprints
2nd day @ Tuesday @ Between 8 AM to 10 AM =  Consular = Visa interview
and same day passport pick up @ 3 PM for 99% folks in Matamoros, few cases, it might get delayed 1-2 days more.

Max wait is 14 days so far in Matamoros since June 2017 among our guests due to any 221g.

2nd day @ Tuesday@ 4 PM : We will drop off all the guests at I-94 Office.

NOTE : Please note the wait time at I-94 office might vary from 1 to 4 Hours, Please be with patience to receive I-94 office, so plan your return trip accordingly.

sometimes it’s better to book one way. sometimes it’s better to book 2 ways.

All flight carriers charge some fee for any rescheduling in case if there is any delay. Southwest does not charge anything for rescheduling.

Incase if you are planning to fly, better to book return flight from BRO (Brownsville airport or Harlingen airport after 8 or 9 PM on Tuesday, else book flight for Wednesday morning, Cross border to US from Mexico on Tuesday night and stay at Brownsville, Texas & catch flight next day morning.

Arrival to Brownsville, Texas (By Flight)

  1. If you need to fly,
    Try looking for tickets to Brownsville, Texas(BRO). Catch a Uber or Lyft to this destination : International bridge, 15 mins from Brownsville airport, Ernesto will be there at the International bridge to pick you up and take to accommodation place.
  2. If you find tickets costly, check for “valley international airport” at Harlingen. 30-40 mins by Uber or Lyft to this destination : International bridge.(south west airlines flies there). Ernesto will be there at the International bridge to pick you up.

If you still find tickets are costly, Other option is to Fly to Houston or Corpus Christi or Austin (Check United & Southwest Airlines for better prices) and plan to Drive 4-6 hours from there to Brownsville.
If you are flying, Take a Cab or Uber to Border (destination : International Bridge, Brownsville) from Brownsville Airport.
Once you reach to Border at Brownsville,

  • We will come and pick up you from the Border, As part of our complete package, we will take care of the accommodation & transportation from border to Ernesto place(15 mins from Border), transportation to consulate(15 mins drive) for visa interview, passport pickup, for food etc.,

Arrival to Brownsville, Texas (By Car)

  • If you are from Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio etc.,), Brownsville in within drivable distance.
  • If you are from Dallas or Houston or San Antonio or Austin, Let us know, we will connect you with folks coming from those locations, so you can carpool to Brownsville together with other guests.
  • If you are driving, keep your GPS address to below
    Gateway International Bridge, Brownsville, TX 78520, USAOr click below link :
  • I am coming to Brownsville by Car, Where can i park my car ?

Park at below address

La Plaza Parking Garage
1400 E Adams St, Brownsville, TX 78520, USA

Click to Text -> To see La plaza parking Google maps location

This parking lot is very close to the border. This is a covered parking lot.

Note :

Once you arrive at International bridge.

Ernesto will be at the Mexican side of the Gateway International bridge and you can meet him there.

If you want to talk to Ernesto, Please call him using your Whatsapp or you can call Venkat using your regular phone call for any urgent calls or send a WhatsApp message to 901-308-4647

Arrival to Brownsville, Texas (By Bus)

  • Greyhound bus station is just beside, 2 mins walk from international bridge, if you are traveling by bus, select destination as greyhound bus station, Brownsville, Texas.

We will be always with you during your travel, so you don’t need to worry about anything, we will take care of you starting from pickup at border until we drop you back at border at I-94 office after you finish your visa interview and get your passport to hand mostly on same day of visa interview.


Venkat & Ernesto