Can we pay visa fee at any location in Mexico ?

(From Sep 1st 2017, No more visa fee payments using credit card, only option is to pay by Cash in Mexican banks)

  • Yes, even if you are going to any US Consulate location in Mexico like Tijuana, Cuidad Juarez, Nogales, Guadalajara, Matamoros etc.,
  • You can pay your fee at any location at Banks like SCOTIA, BANAMEX in-person. We can help you by going in-person to the bank to make visa fee payment(already helped many) with that for a charge(usually we consider it as Express Payment., Either same day or next day morning depending on what time you contact us, we go to banks everyday at 10 AM & 12 PM(CST) to make your visa fee payment), if you reach us on or before 12 PM(CST) &
  • you send us your visa fee amount before 12 PM(CST), we can try to make your payment on same day.
  • Incase if you reach us later than 12 PM(CST), we will be able to make your visa fee payment next day morning after 10 AM CST after Bank Opens.
  • If you need this help, send us an email to “” with your first & last name, Contact number

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