How to know whether my PIMS is updated or not ?

NOTE : If your I-797 was recently approved, there might be a chance that your data was not updated in PIMS(KCC) Database, which US consulate uses to refer for your approved I-797 document. US consulate at Mexico expedite by requesting KCC (Kentucky Consular Center) for your info from PIMS DB, once they get the data, they will approve your Visa application. Usually at Matamoros, so far we have seen PIMS gets cleared same day or nexy day. So Don’t worry much about PIMS viagra générique en ligne belgique.
Special Notes from the Guests.
Aug 31st 2018 : About Sevis Check :
221G was cleared in 3 days(Attended visa interview on Aug 28th 2018, 221g cleared on Aug 31st 2018).
A small note from my experience: This is my second h1 stamping. First stamping was successful with no issues in india. For second stamping I was given a 221G in Matamoros, Mexico for “Sevis hit removal”. . If you have attended for your second masters, this is something expected. So, please plan your stamping accordingly.

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