Traveling with family (along with US Citizen Kids or Dependent Kids (H4, L2 etc) ?

  • If travelling along with kids, you can take them along with you during ASC & Visa interview.
  • Take your kids/ children passports (If US Citizens or H4 or L2 visa Holders) along with you & any necessary documents related to them (Birth Certificate etc).
  • If your kids are less than 7 years old – you don’t need to take your (H4 or L2 – Dependent ) kids along with you to Fingerptints/ visa interview. Just take their photos along with you.
  • If you want, you can take them along with you to Fingerprints & visa interview.
  • But your kids needs to be in mexico along with you (as while coming back, they need to get I-94)
  • Photo Specifications for dependent Kids (H4 or L2 etc.,) as below
    • US Photo Size ( 2 * 2),
    • Color Photo & White background.
    • Completely visible and no hair covering forehead or ears.
    • Person should be seeing lens of the camera while taking picture.(Direct eye contact)

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