What are my options incase if gets denied ? Can i come back to USA incase after visa denial ? Can i fly from Mexico to India ?

In 2018 : one guy scheduled Visa interview for him + his family in India in 2015, his family attended Visa interview in India in 2015 and he could not attend due to some work, his family got approved where as his Visa got rejected as he did not attend Visa interview in 2015 in India. When he attended visa interview in matamoros, VO asked this guy whether he know that his previous Visa got denied (this guy has no clue), VO officer stated that as reason and denied Visa and asked him to go and attend Visa interview in India, he took One time Visa waiver (I-193 Form, costs you 585$) at POE (Don’t worry about 1 time visa waiver now, we will guide you incase if you land in any denial situation., Most of the cases its POE officers final decision to give you 1 time Visa waiver or not, you can pay one time Visa waiver fee only if its granted by POE officer, so far all below denial folks got that) and came back to US and flew back to India and got successful stamping done & came back to USA

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