Who got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico ?

  • Our guests till now including
  • FTE (Full time employees), 
  • Consulting( EC, EVC, EVVC), through Implementation partners ( CTS, TCS, Wipro etc.,
  • Visa Renewal of F1, H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L2, L1B, J, O, C/D, H1B to H4, H4 to H1B etc
  • Who had their first H4 stamping in India & moved to H1B while in US, need to get their 1st time H1B stamping n their passport. (but not from F1 to H1B)
  • who got i-797B through consular processing, (requires to go to stamping immediately, i-797B document specifies you need to visit Consulate in India Ex: Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai etc.,)
  • Who got H1B extension denied through USCIS, moved to H4 within 7 to 10 days by attending visa interview at US consulate at Matamoros based on spouse H1B (I-797A)
  • who has not been to stamping in 6-14 years to home country after their last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica or anywhere.
  • Who completed Bachelors or Masters only in India and in US Now.
  • Who had Masters degree from USA.
  • Who just needs i-94 renewal at Matamoros POE.
  • All above categories got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.

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