Why would i go to Mexico instead of India ?

Among our guests (whom we have visibility), 98% folks who came to Matamoros, Mexico for stamping got successful stamping & back to US,

Added Average Admin processing (221g) clearing days based on our observation.

There were 221G’s (May be 1 in 20 (or) 30 members) at this location due to missing documents, any necessary verification, but clears soon usually in 2-3 or 7 days; It completely depends on the visa officer handling the case & your profile.

  • 221g on PIMS Check – Clears usually in 1-3 days.(Nothing to do from your end)
  • 221g on Sevis Check – Clears usually in 1-3 days mostly, Max wait is 7 days.(Nothing to do from your end)
  • Maximum days someone stayed due to 221g & Cleared 221g is not more than 30 days.
  • It completely depends on your profile & what visa officers want to verify.
  • Based on our Observation – Average time takes to clear in Mexico is way better than India(It might take months to clear in India)

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