US Visa Application Fee Payment Services in BanAmex and Scotia Banks for F1,H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L1B, L2, J, K, O visa holders + US Visa Renewal Stamping Interview in Monterrey, Mexico – Visa – Services – Agents Information – US Visa Stamping in Monterrey Mexico

So far 2019 & 2020 – Monterrey has been positive for F1, H1B (Contractors and Full time, E3, L1, L2 etc., visa holders)

Our Upcoming Guests Schedule as per Jan 24th 2020 ? (who confirmed our services for accommodation & transportation)

  • Visa Appointment ScheduleJan 22nd @ 7:45 AM
    *Venkata Y (1) H1-EVVC – Got Approved & got passport next day after visa interview.Jan 23rd @ 8:00 AM
    *Ashok K (1) F1 – Got Approved & got passport next day after visa interviewJan 24th @ 9:00 AM
    *Sylvester J & F (2) L1A-FTE
    *Vasanth (1) H1B-FTEJan 28th 7:45 AM
    *Ankush S (1) L1Jan 29th @ 9:00 AM
    *Shobha (1) H1B-EVC

Recent Feedback from our Guests from Nov & Dec 2019 : (About out GuestHouse Stay + Transportation services & our Hospitality in Monterrey (Guest House is Mostly for Single Guys)

Anup : F1 Visa Renewal Stamping : Dec 10th 2019 : Stayed in Guest House in Monterrey. His Feedback about GuestHouse :

The guest house is perfect and spacious. Its located in a very secure area with all-time surveillance. I stayed there for at least eight nights. Alberto and his wife used to come every day (except Sunday) and cook for us. They are quite flexible. You can have their cooking service for a nominal charge. You can also go outside if you don’t want to have homemade food (But I preferred homemade Mexican food and it was delicious). Every day they used to clean my room, bed and change the beddings. If you have some restrictions for eating (like no non-veg or have fast on some particular day), then you can request them according to that. Alberto’s family is adorable, and the couple is very patient. They provide an excellent service for food, room and everything else.

I really prefer guest house than Hotel.

Also thank you very much this team which helped me a lot during my Visa stamping procedure. I really appreciate it


Nov 1st 2019 : Anand : 

We have collected our passports and are all set to fly out ; Venkat and team thanks for all the assistance.

 I am back in the US thanks again venkat and team


Oct 10th 2019 : Reena : lady(Came alone for H1B stamping)  

Thanks everyone.. I am home. Alberto and Venkat thanks for all your help. My whole stay was comfortable and safe.


Oct 9th 2019 :  (Govardhan) : Thank you Alberto and Venkat for your help

(Kiran) : Thanks venkat and alberto for all your help and info


Update : As of Jan 2020 : Our Guest House is ready in Monterrey, Mexico for your (SINGLE GUYS) accommodation where can will host you, We will be helping you starting from Airport Pickup until DropOff at Airport after you finish passport pickup after stamping(Has all facilities including Wifi, At home – Breakfast of Mexican food etc., (we  set up TV’s too & cable)

What does this page cover ?

  • So far approvals has been good in Monterrey.(Jan 24th 2020 – Including Full time or Contracting – H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, E3, F1 visa holders)
  • About Monterrey location, Visa fee payment help & visa dates booking process.
  • Accommodation  – Guest House / Hotel & Transportation services information in Monterrey; How to plan your arrival; When to arrive & Leave Monterrey ? (Read this full page)
  • How to get reimbursed –  visa fee payment + accommodation & transportation charges – if you are full time employee ?
  • How to plan for your trip to Monterrey ?
  • Recent US visa interview questions of  F1, H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, L2, E3, J, K, O at Monterrey ? (Scroll to the bottom of this page)

When is passport return timeline  ?

  • Passport Return =  Keep minimum of 2 days after visa interview as passport return timeline. (Passport pickup from Consulate itself).
  • If attending visa interview on Friday(you might get passport on Monday or Tuesday)
  • If attending visa interview on Monday(you might get passport on Wednesday mostly or Thursday)
  • In simple – better to book 1 way (or) book return ticket with flight insurance that can help you to make any changes for return flight.

Info from folks who attended visa interview in Monterrey

  • Better to book 1 way and keep the return ticket as per passport availability.
  • Info from Sep 19th 2019 : VO asked for my travel plan, and I said my return flight is tomorrow. He said he’ll give the passport tomorrow as an exception but nobody should assume that SLA is next day. (so better to keep 2 days as buffer)
  • Officer said, we usually recommend you to book once the visa processing is done
  • Plan accordingly and your visa Approval is most important than when you get your passport

Sep 19th: Note : Guys this is important, the VOs are getting a little agitated that most Indian H1B holders are asking for next day passport delivery, it’s important to travel plan according to the given ETA

What is the process to get US Visa Stamping completed in Monterrey, Mexico ?

Monterrey, capital of the  state of Nuevo León, is a sprawling business and industrial center.

If you are Full Time Employee, we can provide you invoice for reimbursement purpose of the visa fee payment + our package charges for accommodation & transportation services in Monterrey, Mexico.

You might be F1, H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, L2, E3, F1 or F2, J, K, O visa holders. This page helps you to understand how to get your visa stamping completed in Monterrey, Mexico.

Our team in Monterrey is very helpful & reliable, please install 
Google Translator“, it will be very helpful. We have tried to find someone in Monterrey to be part of our team who knows English, but we could not find one, Instead we found a reliable person who helps with transportation services. No need to worry about this – we have set of pre-planned process / schedule for  your transportation needs.

we can help you with US visa fee payment for Monterrey, Mexico + all necessary guidance for filling DS160 form, visa dates booking process, dates scheduling & rescheduling incase of any visa dates changes needed.

You can choose our services for providing your accommodation & transportation services + guidance included for any information you need for Monterrey until you finish your stamping.

Visa fee payment charges will vary as per your US Visa Application fee payment Instructions form/ amount of pesos. Please refer this link about fee payment & charges for fee payment.


(To Fly Directly to Monterrey Mexico 

– you must need valid Mexican (or) Any US Visa (or) Canadian (or) Japan (or) Schengen or European visa (or) You are Australian passport Holder)

As it’s not a border city – Border permit (or) Tourist card alone won’t work to Fly.(Else there is travel by land option, please check below for more information)

You can fly to Monterrey(MX) airport (MTY)directly from US. Our team will come to airport to pickup at Arrivals & take care of your transportation in Monterrey for ASC & Visa appointments & drop you off at airport after you finish your passport pickup.

Monterrey International Airport(Airport Code: MTY) also known as General Mariano Escobedo International Airport, is an international airport located in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon state in Mexico

You can take Bus(greyhound) too from USA cities like Austin or San Antonio (or) Laredo to Monterrey, but mexican immigration officers that you come across might ask for some sort of visa, due to language issue, it might become tough for you to explain; Better to take flying option instead of Bus.



(If you are unable to get mexican visa (or) did not have canadian or Japan or Schengen or European or Valid US Visa to Fly directly to Monterrey)
Then What are my other options to travel to Monterrey by Land ?

NOTE : Install  “Google Translator” in phone & use English to Spanish (or)Spanish to English option. It will be useful.

1st thing is Apply for tourist card via Land at
While you select Entry location – Select as “Nuevo Laredo bridge 1” or any selection is fine that shows as Nuevo Laredo.(It does not matter)

Step 1) Book flight to “LRD” (Laredo, Texas) Airport.
Step 2) Catch Uber to International Bridge 1, Laredo, Texas.(Which is a border to US & Mexico) – 15 mins to Bridge from Airport.
Step 3) Cross International bridge at Laredo, Texas by walk to enter into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico(5-7 mins)-(Ask us about this, we will share a link that has clear details & pictures)
Step 4) Our team can pickup you from Nuevo laredo border & drive you in our car for 3 hours & drop you off at our GuestHouse at Monterrey or Hotel at Monterrey; Drivers are safe and secure & car facility is good for your 3 hours travel.

Step 5) After you get US visa stamped, you can directly from from Monterrey Mexico to USA with valid US Visa.

If you need this option for us to pickup from Nuevo Laredo Border & drive you for 3 hours & dropoff at Monterrey. – It will cost you around 279$ for 1 person & 349$ for 2 persons (Apart from Monterrey accommodation & transportation package)

– If you are full time employee, we can provide you invoice for reimbursement purpose  of all above charges


Visa Fee Payment Charges are separate(as per below link) 

If you want to choose our package for Monterrey {For Accommodation & Transportation(Both) – Below are the charges

How / When can i pay to book your services ?

“You must pay package price upfront to book your Monterrey package with us – Sooner you pay, it gives us better change to make arrangements for your arrival.

Once your visa dates & your flight tickets to Monterrey, MX are finalized; 

Then you can pay us for below package for booking our services.(Atleast book your services 1 or 2 weeks ahead of your arrival time.

My Employer reimburses for the fee payment + Hotel & Transportation charges, can i get Invoice ?

If you are Full Time Employee & can get reimbursed from your employer for all below charges – Inform us – we can give you Invoice for fee payment + accommodation & transportation charges.

NOTE : Below package prices are applicable if you book the package atleast 2 weeks before your arrival date.

Once package amount is paid by you & we book hotel as part of our package – That plan is finalized & No Refunds.

For Monterrey, Mexico location –  Pre-Paid Packages will be as follows.

Both pre-paid packages includes Wifi + 3 nights Hotel stay + 4 days transportation to ASC / Consular centers in Monterrey ; Pickup & Dropoff at Airport  + Breakfast Included

we will help with transportation for lunch & dinner to any good restaurants


We offer below packages for Monterrey Mexico location


1) “MTY-AT-GH-1-3N”- Package (Accommodation & Transportation for 1 person for 3 nights in Guest House, Have cooking facility, Home made breakfast included – A family will cook for you & drive you around ) 

2) “MTY-AT-GH-2-3N” Package– (Accommodation & Transportation for 2 persons for 3 nights in Guest House, Have cooking facility, Home made breakfast included – A family will cook for you & drive you around ) 

2) “MTY-AT-HTL-1-3N”- Package (Accommodation & Transportation for 1 person for 3 nights in Hotel)

4) “MTY-AT-HTL-2-3N” Package– (Accommodation & Transportation for 2 persons for 3 nights in Hotel)

5) “MTY-TAL-1-4D” package (Transportation alone package – 1 person)

6) “MTY-TAL-2-4D” package (Transportation alone package – 2 persons)

Mention the “package name” to us that you want us to provide

NOTE : Once package amount is transferred to us (You accept that it’s non-refundable, but it can be used as credit incase if you want to attend visa interview at any other location in mexico – if we have not booked hotel etc., yet)


Important Timings & Information :

Our Guest House does not have any restrictions with early Check-in  & Late Checkout timings.(you pay for only nights you stay), Have cooking facility, Home made breakfast included – A family will cook for you & drive you around )

Our Preferred Hotel is  “Comfort Inn Monterrey” Listed timings below.

Hotel Check-in timings are 3 PM (CST); 

Hotel Checkout Timings are 12 PM (CST)

Passport pickup timing is 4 PM (MST) usually 2nd day after visa interview; 

NOTE : There is a gap of 4 hours between hotel checkout & passport pickup. Either you can stay in Hotel Lobby until 3.30 PM for passport pickup (or) If you want, you can pay for extra night stay to stay until passport pickup time

For you to arrive to Monterrey airport – must be before 10 PM (CST);


Package 1) “MTY-AT-GH-PRE-PAID PACKAGE” :  Package starting from pickup from Monterrey airport(MTY) to Monterrey GuestHouse – Includes GuestHouse Stay for 3 nights + Transportation in Monterrey, Mexico for your appointments & passport pickup; Pickup from airport when you arrive & DropOff at airport while you leave.

1 person (traveling alone)  = 449$

Family –  (husband & wife) = 479$

Family –  (husband & wife) + Until 1 Kids included = 499$

Based on what we have seen is – you will get passport 2nd day(minimum) after visa interview in Monterrey,

Very few cases, you might get passport delay due to any printing delay etc.,

Any Extra nights after the package (3 nights) will cost you 59$ per night GuestHouse stay for single bed room.


Package 2) “MTY-AT-HTL-PRE-PAID PACKAGE” :  Package starting from pickup from Monterrey airport(MTY) to Monterrey Hotel – Includes Hotel Stay for 3 nights + Transportation in Monterrey, Mexico for your appointments & passport pickup; Pickup from airport when you arrive & DropOff at airport while you leave.

1 person (traveling alone)  = 479$

Family –  (husband & wife) = 499$

Family –  (husband & wife) + Until 2 Kids included = 529$

2 friends coming together(sharing hotel room) = 599$)

In such cases where you need to stay any extra nights, You can pay for the extra nights yourself at Hotel after completing your 3 nights stay pre-paid package. (so we don’t need to charge you anything extra amount)

Note: If you got gap between ASC & Consular dates – we can help to book those extra nights along with your 3 nights stay package + 69$ per extra night stay + extra transportation.

( Ex : You got ASC (Fingerprints) on Aug 22nd & Visa Interview on Aug 25th – That is 4 nights stay = 3 nights stay package + 1 nights @ 69$ for Single guy or 79$ per night for Family) for extra night stay + transportation



– Transportation alone package ( pickup from Airport until DropOff to Airport – 4 days transportation in Monterrey)

If you want to book your own hotels & just want us to help with transportation only,

yes, you can book preferred hotels listed here (Hotel Lucerna, Hotel City Express, Hotel IBIS) in Monterrey. we are fine to help you with transportation.

For Transportation Only package – for 4 days – includes pickup from Airport + Transportation in Monterrey, Mexico for your appointments & passport pickup & DropOff at Airport

MTYTAL-1”  – 199$ for single person for 4 days; (Extra days costs 29$) – For taking you to lunch & Dinner

“MNT-TAL-2” –  329$ for couple (or) 2 friends traveling together. (kids included) for 4 days.(Extra days costs you 29$) – For taking you to lunch & Dinner


This is how the process will looks like : 

Day 0 – You fly to Monterrey Airport Border before 10 PM CST. we will come and pickup and take you to the hotel where we provide accommodation.

Day 1- Take your to ASC & Back to Hotel(wait for you outside the ASC center, Hold your bag/any items in our car if you want)

Day 2 – Take you to Visa Interview / Consulate & Back to Hotel (wait for you outside the Visa center, Hold your bag/any items in our car if you want)

Day 3 or Day 4 : Depending on the passport return timeline informed by Visa Officer on Day 3 or Day 4 Afternoon 3 PM : Take you to passport pickup & Drop you back at the Airport.


How can i pay for the package (For Accommodation & Transportation Only) ?

To Bank Transfer using Zelle (or) PayPal (Need to add 3% fee of the above package amount)

If you have BOFA or Chase or Wells Fargo or Citi Bank or any Banks that uses Zelle – You can simply transfer us above amounts using our Business Email ID : ;

While transferring the Amount

Enter a Note “Monterrey -AT- Your Visa Dates”

Business Name : H1B Stamping LLC 

If you want to use your Corporate Credit Card to Pay for our services ; we will accept that too ; Ask us about PayPal Option :  we can give you Paypal link to transfer the amount (But, Paypal charges 3% more fee, that needs to be added to above package prices)


What are my Next Steps ?

Where do i need to Fly to Monterrey, Mexico ? (Not a border city to travel using Border permit)

You can fly to Monterrey(MTY), Mexico airport from USA.

When to Fly / Book my Flight tickets ?

Explained a scenario below that gives you complete idea.

Example: If your ASC(Fingerprints/ Biometrics) is on June 24th

& Consular(visa interview) date is on June  25.

Plan to arrive on June 23rd (a Day before Fingerprints) before 9 PM CST to Monterrey Airport.

Plan to book return flight based on passport return timeline.

When to book my Return Ticket : (Take / Check for Insurance while you book flights- so it might help for any changes)

You can book your return ticket from Monterrey based on the passport return timeline(usually 2nd day after visa interview) from the consulate.

Most of the case : Better to book 1 way, else on 2nd day after visa interview(provided there is a facility to change return flight dates) after visa interview

1) Hotel is around 10 mins from ASC & 15 mins to US Consulate, has Wifi, safe location

2) Near by to Mall / Many other Restaurants

3) Tip : Install “Google Translator”, so it can be useful for any communication.

Map around our Preferred Hotel at Monterrey + Locations near Hotel 

Please find below email ID to send email to US Consulate if you have any questions ?

The information printed on an issued U.S. visa should match the information in the applicant’s passport. If you discover an error (misspelling, error in the date of birth, error in the expiration date, etc.) on your U.S. visa, the applicant or a designated proxy can contact the Consular Section via:

Monterrey Email :

What you can carry & can’t carry to your ASC & Visa interview ? A) Do I need to carry passport or Visa size photos with me ?

Answer: Not needed, your digital photos will be taken at ASC – Fingerprints appointment.

B) What can I carry ? What can’t I carry ?

Answer : The mandatory documents that you should take to the ASC office are:

*Any Old passport (If Applicable)

* I-797 * Passport

* DS160 confirmation page But if you have all your documents in 1 file already organized , then take everything with you.

*VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE:* You are not allowed to take inside to the ASC or consulate offices the following items:

*Electronic devices such as cell phones ,laptops , headphones , USB flash drives, cell phone chargers, smart watches and any cable adapters.

* lip balms , plastic combs , nail clippers , scissors, cosmetics, medication, sunglasses, food, water , candies, chewing gums and toys.

* for women, you are not allowed to take your handbag


Oct 29th 2019 Update : F1 Visa Renewal Stamping in Monterrey – Phd in University of Cumberlands  visa interview questions

My F1 visa got approved in Monterrey on oct 29th 2019

How you choose Univerisity ?
How you paying?
What you did in US before PHd?

More info : Cumberlands university +
Answered as Parents sponsoring for Education.

Oct 28th to 30th 2019 Update : Visa Renewal Stamping in Monterrey

Oct 28th @ 8.15AM
* Mohan G &F (2)-L1&L2

Oct 29th @ 9.00AM
* Manoj B &F (4)-H1B-EVC
Oct 29th @ 9.30AM
* Chandan S(1)-H1B-FTE

Oct 30th @ 8.45AM
* Anand(1)-H1B-EVC
Mohan G &F (2)-L1&L2

What is your designation and job role?
What is your educational qualification?
How long are you employed in united states?
Chandan : H1B-FTE

Question asked :
What’s your designation?
How soon you want to return back to USA?
Is your GC under processing?

Thank you
Anand : H1B-EVC

Questions asked
How long have you been in the USA
Is your green card processing started
What is your employer name
Who is your client

Another how soon do you want to go back and I said I am willing to wait he said you can collect your passport tomorrow afternoon
Manoj : H1B-EVC
Questions asked
What you are working on and what is your company name
Asked my wife what do you do? And do you hold any degree

Oct 23rd to 24th 2019 Update : Visa Renewal Stamping in Monterrey

Oct 23rd @ 8.15AM
* Sudarshan R(1)-(H1B)
Oct 23rd @ 10.00AM
* Kunjal Y (1)-(H1B)

Oct 24th @ 9.45AM
* Vijay M (1)-(H1B)
Kunjal :

Which school did you go?
Why direct from F1 to h1?
How long you stayed in USA?
How long you have been working?
What kind of work will you be doing?
You have green card application pending?
Vijay –
Questionnaire they asked me
1. Who is your employer
2. And who you will report in the client location
3. Did your green card processing. Started and I-140 got approved ?
4. From how many years you are working in Usa
5. Job title
6. Roles and responsibilities of your job
7. Where do you sit in the end client location or employer location
Sudarshan :
My questions

How long are you in US ?
Is your green card in process ?
What type of work you do ?
Specific technology if it’s Phyton or selenium ?

Documents asked
DS 160 confirmation
1797 approval

Oct 28th 2019 Update : H1B – EVC Visa Renewal Stamping in Monterrey 

Oct 29th 2019 : H1B- EVC Model : Contracting : Visa interview questions

Who is your employer?
How long you are in USA?
Whom do you work for?
Asked for client access badge?
Went and checked and approved

EVC Model : Contracting
No documents asked

Who is your employer?
How long on h1b?
what is ur title?
what are your roles?
is ur green card in process ?

Oct 4th 2019 visa interview questions in Monterrey, Mexico
F1 Visa Renewal Stamping – Phd in University of Cumberland’s

when did you finish masters ?
can you please show master transcript ?
which courses currently enrolled for phd when started ?
how many years course will be completed?
when are you heading back to USA ?

Note: our client will get passport on Monday(Oct 7th 2019)

Sep 19th 2019 : Visa interview questions at Monterrey, Mexico


So far I’ve found Monterrey pretty safe, language is an issue but you’ll get around.

Arrived Wednesday early morning, ASC appointment  was at Wednesday 12 noon – reached around 11.15am.

They let me in, fingerprints and picture was done within 10 mins. Out by 11.30am. You can keep your phone with you at this location as long as it’s switched off.

Main Consular appointment was at 9.30am today. Reached at 8.45am. Kept my phone at the locker outside the consulate for 40 pesos. Nobody was checking appointment time, there was a single line for everyone. I did observe that there was a huge separate line for what looked like local Mexican citizens(agricultural workers). I’ve never seen so many people (300+) at any consulate before. Anyway so first window I went to was for checking documents, second window was for fingerprinting. The third window after a long wait of 2 hours was for the actual interview.

VO took my documents, questions as follows:-

How long have you been living in the US

Do you have a Green Card application pending

What work do you do for your company

When is your return flight